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Arizona Motorcycle Written Test

Before you come into DMV to take your Arizona motorcycle written test, you should practice by taking the sample written test below. Be sure to arrive at the DMV before 4:30 p.m. because motorcycle written tests will not be administered after this time in any Arizona DMV location. The DMV also recommends preparing for the written test by studying the Arizona Motorcycle Handbook. Unfortunately many motorcyclists think they already know everything and are shocked when they fail the Arizona motorcycle written exam. Don’t waste your time going to the DMV to take the Arizona motorcycle written test unprepared. Follow the advice in this guide and you are guaranteed to ace the written test on your first attempt!

When you are ready to take the actual Arizona motorcycle written test, you should be aware of the following:

1) Review the Arizona Motorcycle Handbookarizona motorcycle written test. This document not only contains information on how to pass the Arizona motorcycle written test but also more importantly on how to ride your motorcycle safely.

2) Take your time when you are taking the Arizona motorcycle written test. The exam is not trying to trick you so don’t try to outsmart the test–the questions should be taken literally. For each question there is one correct answer so try to eliminate the obviously incorrect answers and it will improve your chances of successfully passing the motorcycle written exam in your first try.

3) All questions are from the Arizona Motorcycle handbook. Take the time to learn the information in motorcycle handbook and you will save yourself the shock of failing the written test.

4) The DMV wants you to pass the Arizona motorcycle knowledge test, so take your time, and answer carefully.

Sample Arizona Motorcycle Written

1. It is MOST important to
flash your brake light when:
A. Someone is following too closely.
B. You will be slowing suddenly.
C. There is a stop sign ahead.
D. Your signals are not working.

2. The FRONT brake supplies
how much of the potential stopping
A. About one-quarter.
B. About one-half.
C. About three-quarters.
D. All of the stopping power.

3. To swerve correctly:
A. Shift your weight quickly.
B. Turn the handlebars quickly.
C. Press the handgrip in the direction
of the turn.
D. Press the handgrip in the opposite
direction of the turn.

4. If a tire goes flat while riding,
and you must stop, it is
usually best to:
A. Relax on the handlegrips.
B. Shift your weight toward the
good tire.
C. Brake on the good tire and steer
to the side of the road.
D. Use both brakes and stop quickly.

5. The car below is waiting to
enter the intersection. It is best
A. Make eye contact with the driver.
B. Reduce speed and be ready to react.
C. Maintain speed and position.
D. Maintain speed and move right.

Answers to above Arizona Motorcycle Knowledge Test:
1-B. 2-C. 3-C, 4-C. 5-B

Source: Arizona State Department of Licensing